• Is Farm-to-Table Just Reversion to the Mean?

    In finance, there’s this theory called mean reversion. This theory, oft-quoted by economists and investors around the world, suggests that prices and returns eventually find their way back to average after a period of excessive highs or lows.

    In other words, they revert to the mean.

    The concept of mean reversion has been observed time and time again. Take, for example, stock market crashes. While the recovery period may vary from one event to the next, these markets, eventually and over the long-term, have found their way back to average.

    But what if we took this theory outside of finance?

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  • 5 Apps to Edit Your Instagram Photos Like a Pro

    When you’re building a business, there’s one word you need to bear in mind: de-risk. No, it’s not very sexy, but it’s probably one of the most important concepts to remember when starting out on your own and even then when you’re established. And I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t do this myself. Here are FIVE of my favourite apps for editing Instagram photos — and they’re all either free or cost less than $10.

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  • A Guide to Waiheke Island

    The end of a trip can be bittersweet. You’re excited to return home, invigorated, motivated, rested. You’re looking forward to seeing your friends and family. You’re maybe even happy to return to your routine. Even with all these great things waiting for you, sometimes you’re just not ready to leave. Still, you get your passport out

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  • A Guide to Lake Taupo, New Zealand

    This month we’re looking back at our trip to Australia and New Zealand from earlier this year. I’ll be sharing my favourite moments and providing you with restaurants, hotels, bars and places to add to your future itinerary. After our stay in Melbourne, we took a short flight over to the land of the kiwis, New Zealand. Being

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