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My Online Essentials

Leading tools for all your creative and digital endeavours



Get your website online in no time by signing up with HostGator’s hosting service. I’ve been with them since I first began blogging and I only have good things to say. Great pricing and 24/7 customer service makes it a winner for me. And guess what? I got you some savings! Enter CODE: DAYNAHOSTS60 to get 60% off your initial term!



When I learned about ConvertKit, I was thrilled. Having used other providers in the past, ConvertKit was a breath of fresh air. It was easy-to-use, much more intuitive than its competitors and affordable. It only takes a few minutes to get up and running, well documented and the support service is great to have! A happy customer here!

The Hashtag Dictionary

After realizing I needed to step up my hashtag game, I decided to create The Hashtag Dictionary, a collection of 150+ quality hashtags in over 20 niches (and counting!). The goal is to save you time and get your work seen by more of the right people. Best of all, it’s available free online! Click on the image to sign up and get your copy now!

Favorites From My Bookshelf

Classic wisdom from thinkers and doers of today and yesterday


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Pro tip: For reading on-the-go, I use my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Affordable, resilient and travel-friendly!

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Introducing The Hashtag Dictionary, the world’s first, complete collection of quality hashtags to help content creators, entrepreneurs and businesses just like you.

And in the spirit of community, this dictionary is made available free online for everyone, everywhere. Contributions and collaborations are welcome too!

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Three Must-See Videos

Learn and get motivated with these talks from a few of my fave experts