Think Millennials Are Lazy? Think Again.

I wrote this piece nearly five years ago. While things have progressed since then, there’s still a fairly common misunderstanding of our generation. Many believe that we’re entitled, selfie-obsessed yuppies of the digital era when really, we’re so much more. We’re not just talk, we’re taking action—creating

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Why I Created

This November, after months of hard work, finally came to life. Inspired by salty tiki huts and a love for all people, Teakie is a curated marketplace of digital goods and services, directory of talented creatives and educational blog devoted to helping people build their businesses and

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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging

The other week, I shared the reasons why I’m starting a website. This week, it’s your turn! That’s right, I’m talking about why I believe everyone should be blogging. And that includes you. Blogging has become a mainstay of today’s society, yet a lot of us still struggle to

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